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What is PT?

A basic explanation of how post-tensioning works from The Post-Tensioning Institute.
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Commerical Post-Tensioning Services

Precision Surveillance Corporation is a leading provider of post tensioning services to the commercial industry. We offer a complete range of services related to the investigation, development and implementation of repairs to post-tension prestressed concrete applications used in all commercial construction sectors.

PSC was founded in 1986, and through innovative engineering, a flexible approach tailored to meeting our clients needs, and a commitment to excellence PSC will continue to providing industry leading service.

The complexity of post-tensioning repairs today requires a contractor that specializes in, and is familiar with, all elements of post-tensioning systems. Post-tensioning repair problems are diverse in nature. Each condition requires a clear understanding of what is expected of the repair including: appearance, protection needs, and load carrying requirements. An effective repair strategy must draw from a variety of repair materials, each having an installation technique that best suits both the clients and engineers needs. At Precision Surveillance Corporation, we have the expertise to utilize specialized techniques and solutions to ensure maximum satisfaction and service.

At PSC, commitment means quality work, service and a lot more. It means taking the time and care to do the job right, whether we’re working on one small strand tendon repair or working with a client on a major restoration of a post tensioned structure. The construction industry has changed a lot but one thing remains constant: people and service are still the key to our success. Our commitment to service, and our customers in particular, remains our core belief. In an ever competitive market our success over the past 21 years is a testament to that commitment.